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  • Are you new to the acting world ? Or maybe have not even had the courage to even tell anyone you might be interested in it?

  • Are you an experienced actor looking to keep working on your craft? Or working on auditions and needing a little extra help to book it?

  • Do you have a child that is interested in acting?

  • Are you NOT interested in acting but have to speak publicly a lot and want to get better at it / be more engaging?

Then email me or direct book a session below. I’d love to work with you. IMPORTANT when booking: until August 2019 the times posted below are in PACIFIC time (LA), 9 hours behind Switzerland.

I’ve had many acting teachers in my life, whether that was in New York, Zurich or Los Angeles. I frequently look back and think about my favorite ones and how much they have impacted my life. It took me a while to start teaching because I was intimidated thinking… “wait, CAN I do this?” but after I taught my first week-long on-camera acting workshop I knew I was hooked and have been doing it ever since. I am passionate about teaching and I am passionate about humans. 

I’ve been trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, as well as trained in the Meisner Method in New York and got my music theatre diploma at SAMTS in Zurich. For my full resume please head over to the press/downloads section.


I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher with 200hrs of training done at the renowned TAMAL yoga school at YOGASALT Los Angeles

Yoga lessons coming soon…

What my students say:

“I had the pleasure of taking part in a one-week workshop with Sabrina a few years ago. I can safely say that she was one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. She creates a very welcoming atmosphere in which you feel the confidence to try out new things, fall flat on your face, get back up and try again. She challenges you and makes you laugh all at the same time with her winning personality and great sense of humour. I highly recommend her as she has a very good eye and a knack for seeing what every individual student needs in order to move forward. Take a class with her - you won’t regret it!” - Martina S.

“Hi, I highly recommend Sabrina as a teacher! I took part in 3 of her workshops and I was always happy with her experience (as an actress) and professionalism. And it was always super fun! She helped me a lot with understanding the Meisner Method and the use of it. Overall she motivated me and made me sure that this (acting) is the direction I want to go.” - Ewa K.

“Sabrina ist so einladend und offen. Sie kriegt es irgendwie hin, dass man sich wie in einer “comfort zone” fühlt. Sie gibt meiner Kreativität Raum und spornt mich an immer mehr zu riskieren. Als teacher hat sie die perfekte Mischung von herausfordernd und ermutigend.” - Anja N.