And it is time for another blog. Been back in LA for a little over a month now and I’m happy to announce that I’ve not had kale once since I’m back. I have though been to a tanning bed recently, and by recently I mean this morning, and let myself be talked into trying out a “MUST HAVE PRETANNING LOTION THAT LIKE IS LIKE SO ESSENTIAL TO YOUR LIKE TAAAN THAT LIKE YOU REALLY LIKE NEED IT”. What can I say. The lady was really nicely tanned. I trusted her. Well. Being the person I am I obviously ended up having an intense allergic reaction to the stuff and ended up LEAPING out of the bed after 3 minutes in a panic only to notice that I have gotten a terrible dark red rash all over my body and running (IN MY UNDERWEAR) to the front desk to yell at the tanned lady and tell her I need a shower. She calmly guided me to a SINK (??) where I furiously tried to rub this burning sensation off my body whilst not only texting Stee to come to the tanning place THIS VERY SECOND (I amost got mad too, like why aren’t you here already??did you NOT take a chopper?poor guy) but also factime my mother who, bless her little heart, was just trying to buy some groceries at Migros during the time.

Anyways. I survived. The redness slowly left after 90 minutes of burning pain and looking like a lobster. In other news. Tanned front desk lady KINDLY gave me some MORE tanning credits at her saloon for free. Thanks so much. CANT WAIT TO COME BACK.

Ok moving on.

I have been doing quite a lot. I’ve been on many great auditions and callbacks and was able to win over an entire room of Managers at one of the showcases at Actors Artistry. I decided to do my comedic scene and they actually laughed out loud … anybody who’s been to these showcases knows how big of a deal this is.  So YAY! I booked a court show as one of the principals and also booked a shoot with the AMAZING photographer Patrick Hoelck for his new coffee table book. I mean just look at some of the people he photographs:



Cool right?

SO, I’ve been going on a lot music theatre auditions lately and there’s a few things I’d like to say about those.

FIRST. Music theatre auditions in LA are INTENSE. The rooms and halls are always designed so you can hear the people before you and let me tell you – there’s no fuck ups – or rarely- here in LA. Serious singers.

SECOND. Don’t even get me started on the dance part of the audition. I can barely process the first 8 counts as the choreographer has already moved to the 400th 8 count of chainés and chasses and fan kicks and turns and fondues and blabla. Smile and wave. Smile and wave.

THIRDLY. I’m sorry but music theatre actors are often a lot worse than your average actor. Worse in terms of how annoying they are at auditions. Stretching intensely, talking about their song choice, their vocal chords, their last 700 jobs and even worse: MANY people walk out of the room and let the other 30 girls know: “OH MY GOD THAT WENT SO WELL. And they’re soooo nice”. Cool thanks CINDY.

But bottom line. Obviously there’s so many positives. And music theater is truly what feels like home to me. I just love it. Who know’s. Maybe I’m just like that girl Cindy.  And we can be friends who stretch together and giggle and braid each other’s hair.

And on that note. Here’s me singing popular!


In other news I have also started taking meetings with some immigration lawyers to talk about getting the process for my next Visa started. Which overall is an EXTREMELY fun experience – the kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck fantastic kind of thing.  

OK. On to the next step. Love you all. And I can say this because I know few people who will actually read this. But HEY! THANKS!!!